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A Guide to Roulette Odds

Last updated: 04.01.2024 by Chris Mwangi

Roulette odds are important and if you want to know what bets the highest chance and probability of landing on the wheel have, you will probably want to stick around and read on. Listen, calculating odds is not really that difficult. All you need to do is reference our tool and tables found below or even calculate the odds for yourself. We have made this process simple by featuring a couple of great examples to catch you right up to speed. Let’s get started.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds?

If you are wondering how to actually do the math yourself – don’t worry. It’s super easy. What you do is you take the numbers covered by your bet and then you divide them by the total numbers of the roulette wheel – 37 for European roulette and 38 for American roulette. There are other variants with more and less numbers too. Lastly, you multiply by 100. Let’s take a look at how this works.

  • If you play European roulette, there are 37 numbers on the wheel, i.e. 0-36
  • You then make a straight bet and divide 1/37
  • The resulting number (0.0270) is then multiplied by 100
  • This means you have a 2.70% to hit a straight bet on European roulette

As you can see, the math is pretty straightforward. However, it will change depending on the type of wager you use. Even Money bets, such as Red/Black will result in an 18/37*100 or 48.64% probability of success.

Please keep in mind that the total numbers in a version of the game will have a say in what the actual probability is so don’t forget to factor them in.

Odds = Number of occupied field Number of overall fields x 100%

Number of overall fields = 36 for single zero roulette

Number of overall fields = 37 for single double zero

Odds of Roulette Bets

If you are keen to find out more about what the odds of specific roulette bets are, we have made sure to feature it all in the table below. Basically, you can have a look at the percentages and assess the probability of one outcome or another based on what you enjoy the most.

Bet Odds (single zero version) Odds (double zero version) How to calculate (single zero) How to calculate (double zero)
Straight up 2,70% 2,60% 1/37*100 1/38*100
Split 5,40% 5,30% 2/37*100 2/38*100
Street 8,10% 7,90% 3/37*100 3/38*100
Corner 10,80% 10,50% 4/37*100 4/38*100
Basket - 13.20% - -
Six Line 16,20% 15,80% 6/37*100 6/38*100
Column 32,40% 31,60% 12/37*100 12/38*100
Dozen 32,40% 31,60% 12/37*100 12/38*100
Even/Odd 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100
Red/Black 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100
High/Low 48,60% 47,40% 18/37*100 18/38*100

Odds of Announced Bets

There are several types of French or Announced bets that are popular with players. They include the “Jeu 0 Bets,” “Tiers du Cylindre,” “Voisins du Zero,” and “Orphelins.” The chances of these bets occurring are best summed up in our table below which will present you with these options right away:

Bet Odds How to calculate
Visions du zero 45.95% 17/37*100
Orphelins 21.62% 8/37*100
Tiers du cylindre 32.43% 12/37*100
Jeu 0 18.70% 7/37*100
Neighbours 13.8% 5/37*100

Learn about probabilities, then play online roulette

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Roulette Odds Calculator

To help you figure out odds quickly and efficiently we have decided that the best way would be to introduce you to the Roulette 77 tool, which is a free and great way to catch yourself on the probabilities for each individual bet. Just enter the information you seek below and you will be rewarded with an instant and accurate response based on the version you wish to play and the bet you wish to make.


What are my odds of landing a 0?

The zero is a straight bet. This means that you need to look at how many zeros there are in the wheel. If it’s one, then your chance is 2.70%. If there are two zeros, then your chance of getting the bet is 2.63%, just like for any other straight bet on a double-zero wheel.

What bets in the game of roulette have the biggest chance of turning up?

The best roulette wagers you can place in terms of high probability are the so-called Even Money bets. They have more than 48% of landing on the wheel for the European version of the game.

Can you explain how the house edge is calculated and what it is?

Yes, the house edge is the money that the casino will make for each INR100 you bet. It’s calculated based on the number of zeros, i.e. 0 versus 00. You just take the number of zeros and divide by the total numbers or 1/37 for European and 1/38 for American. Next, you multiply by 100 and this is how you get the house edge of each game.

What is RTP and why does it matter?

RTP is a very simple term. It basically tells you how much you stand to win for every INR100 you wager.

Will La Partage and En Prison increase my odds of winning a bet?

No, La Partage and En Prison will only reduce the house edge. The odds of each bet appearing on the wheel remain unchanged.

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