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The presence of Roulette Game is immense in the history; it is one of those games that remained popular across centuries. Casino game fans find it extremely easy to learn and exciting to play. Whether land-based casinos or online gambling platform, Roulette game rules the charts. The word ‘Roulette’ is from the French language, and its meaning is the ‘little wheel’. No casino can be complete without roulette game. The traces of its origin are not much found in the history, but it is known that the game was invented by the French Mathematician Blaise Pascal. To know how to play roulette, a player just needs to have the basic knowledge of placing the bets, game limitations and some proven tips to play and win big.

Introduction of Innovative Technology

With the rise of the Internet and new technological developments, those players who are not able to visit a real casino can enjoy the feeling of their favorite game by playing roulette online. With the same rules as an offline game, one can have the real-time gaming experience with amazing effects and graphics right on the desktop, tablet or smartphone. In a real casino, the dealer rotates the roulette wheel whereas in case of an online casino, all the elements are controlled by software that lets you enjoy the roulette game anywhere, any time. Playing online roulette has numerous advantages. One can enjoy the excitement of the roulette game while sitting in night suit in his own living room. In addition to this, he can benefit from the exciting features casinos offer such as welcome bonuses, the opportunity to win big and progressive jackpot prizes. Online roulette is available for free to play on tablet or smartphone as well.

Roulette Game can be chosen from thousands of free online casinos to avail the entertainment and play roulette online. Now they don’t need to visit Las Vegas; the new technology has revolutionized the casino fields. To keep things safe and secure, players are advised to choose certified, trusted casino sites to play online roulette. Newbies can take help from online casino reviews at different websites that provide complete information about the software, payment, certification, safety, game selection, animation and other features at a particular casino.

These reviews also explain how to play roulette and place bets in order to win big. There are many sites that discuss the winning strategies for all the games to help new players play more. That can surely make the game exciting for casino gaming enthusiasts.

Roulette: Game of Chance

Talking about the roulette game, chance is the prominent factor in the form of betting grid and roulette wheel. One can select from various versions of the game like American or European variants. The roulette wheel contains slots numbered from 1 to 36. The roulette wheel of the American version also has 0 and 00 slots. Playing the game is quite simple; you just have to pick a number or a combination and place a wager on the roulette table. The dealer rotates the roulette wheel and notes the number where the ball lands when it stops. If the number is the same as the one you had selected, you win the bet. There are some bet limits at the roulette table within which a player has to place the wager. Once the players place their wagers, the wheel is spun, and the ball is thrown into the wheel.

With the online roulette, players can experience the same thrill and fun they would find at Las Vegas casinos. Variants like Live American, Multi-Wheel, English, Double Spin, European, French and Triple Bonus are available for players to play roulette game.

Common Roulette Game Terms

  • Backtrack – It is the outer rim of the wheel where the ball spins.
  • Even money – The bet that pays 1:1
  • Inside bet – The bet placed on the numbered area of the roulette table is called inside bet. It can include numbers or a set of numbers.
  • Outside bet – the opposite of inside bet is called outside bet and it offers high odds and is safer. Here, bets are placed on multiple combinations like odd/even, colors, etc. Beginners are advised to start with outside bets as the chances of losing are lesser as compared to that of inside bets.
  • Straight up bet – bet is placed on individual numbers and on the chips

Playing Roulette Successfully as a Beginner

Casinos are quite attractive as they offer the chance to win huge prize money. There are many free casinos available on the internet to play the roulette game and win exciting prizes. You simply need to sign up and deposit funds and start placing bets. You can even take advantage of welcome bonuses casino offer to their new players.

Rules of the Roulette Wheel

If you do not know how to play roulette, here is the basic guide.

There are two major types of the wheel

  • The American Wheel has 0 to 36 numbers on slots and an additional double zero. The advantage of the house is as much as 5.26%.
  • The European Wheel, on the other hand, contains numbers from 0 to 36, a total of 37. The house edge for the casino is 2.63% only.

Lesser Known Roulette Game Facts

Another name for Roulette is ‘Devils Wheel’ because all the numbers summed up gives a total of 666. Being inspired by a 17th century English activity called ‘Roly Poly’ which features a ball spinning around a wheel. 17 is the most common number played on the wheel. The reason is its central location on the layout.

Proven Tips to Win

To increase the chances of winning, players should go for the casinos offering En Prison and Surrender features as these help losing only half the bet. When zero or double zero appears, the other half of the bet is returned to the player. That is also called even money bet.

Another tip is to always go with single zero when you get the chance to choose between single and double zero wheels. That is because the single zero has a low house edge compared to the double zero house advantage.

You can create a 401G account for gambling. In such an account, players are allowed to deposit little amounts for entertainment, and they can have control over the expenses and save themselves from bankruptcy resulting from addiction.

It is important to understand that roulette game is purely one of a chance or luck and you need not possess any knowledge or skills to win. You just have to know the rules, placing the bets and terminologies like payouts.

Mobile-based casinos work with the help of a special computer program known as Random Number Generator. It is not possible to bias the software and hence playing online is safer when you choose reputable and licensed casinos available on the internet.

The best tip is to get enough practice before placing real money bets. Many online casinos offer free modes for the roulette to let the players gain experience.

It is suggested to go for the European version of the game. Other advice is to place outside bets like odd/even, high/low, red/black and others.

New players who are excited about enjoying online gambling experience can try fun-filled slots. You can read our reviews to decide which games to choose to win big. You should not lose hope if you lose because roulette is a game of chance. Moreover, don’t bet huge. You should play for entertainment rather than for income. To ensure your security when placing wagers, numerous payment options are available. Online gambling is still restricted in many areas but has become legal in most countries of the world. Innovative features like 3D elements and live gaming have been introduced to keep the casino games exciting and indulging.

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