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Roulette rules: explanation for beginners

Last updated: 08.01.2024 by Chris Mwangi

In this summary guide about roulette, you will learn the basics and familiarize yourself with an imperative game concept that will make you play the game and get maximum joy out of it. We know that roulette can be a bit scary at first, but getting into the game and understanding its core principles is actually very simple and easy. Here is what you need to know about the game of roulette to really get the most out of it.

What Is the End Goal in Roulette?

The end goal of roulette is self-explanatory – win money. But to win money, you need to understand how the game works. Basically, you have a wheel with numbers from 0 to 36. You pick one, two or more of these numbers by betting your preferred amount on them and then wait for the wheel to spin. If you have guessed correctly, you will be rewarded based on the payout of each individual bet type multiplied by the amount you have wagered. The payout potential of the available numbers and bets is different, so keep this in mind.

How to Play Roulette: A Step-By-Step Guide

To start playing the game, you need to go through four steps. We have decided to introduce the separate elements of the game this way, so they are more easily understood and simpler to get into. Let’s take a look at what these steps are and how you can play regardless of the outcome of the wheel.

Algorithm casino game
  1. place a bet
  2. Croupier launches wheel spin
  3. Get results of the round
  4. Start new round or stop game

Step 1: Wager Some Money

To get started, you need to commit to an outcome. This is done by simply placing the amount of money that matches the minimum deposit on one or more bet types. You choose from straight bets from 0 to 36 or a combination of numbers as some of the more complex wagers. The payout is based on the specific bet type. Outside Bets usually pay 1:1, for example. You calculate your amount won by simply multiplying this payout by the units you have wagered. It's this simple.

Select Bet Type
Select Bet Type
Select Bet Type

Announced Bets

There are also the so-called Announced Bets. They apply to the brick-and-mortar version of the game in a casino. What this means is that you simply call out what you want to bet on and the live dealer “places” the bet by simply announcing it. This applies to only the so-called French Bets. Even though no actual chips are placed on an Announced Bet, the bets are still considered active and resolved at the end of the turn as any other. As for playing regular RNG roulette, in order to make these bets, you will need to move the chips on the racetrack to the appropriate bet.

Select Bet Type
Select Bet Type
Select Announced Bet Type

Get the Table and Bet Limits

So, to play, you need to also understand how table and bet limits work. Every single game of roulette has a table and bet limits. These terms denote the amounts you can wager and the amounts you can wager on specific types of bets. For the most part, a table limit applies to all wagers across the board. This means that you have a maximum and minimum wager you can place. The minimum one is required in order to enter any betting contest. The maximum one is the one that cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

Playtech Software
$ 1 - 1000
Age Of The Gods Roulette
Play in Casino
Playtech Software
$ 0.2 - 3000
Quantum Roulette
Play in Casino
Netent Software
$ 0.1 - 5000
Advanced Roulette
Play in Casino
Microgaming Software
$ 1 - 80
European Roulette Gold Series
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Some casinos will go even a bit further and they will introduce specific betting limits per the type of wager there is available. For example, you will notice that a straight bet and an outside bet may have different betting limits that the casinos have decided to figure out themselves.

These things will in no way be too disruptive to your gameplay at all, but you need to know and look for these things. The good news is that this information is always readily available in both online and offline casinos. Therefore the game of roulette is easy to understand and get into. Below you can find a quick table that references the payouts for specific versions of the games.

Dragon Jackpot Roulette Relax Roulette
Bet Min Max Min Max
Straight up 0.1 100 0.1 250
Split 0.1 200 0.1 500
Street 0.1 300 0.1 800
Corner 0.1 400 0.1 1000
Six Line 0.1 600 0.1 1600
Column 1 1000 0.1 3500
Dozen 1 1000 0.1 3500
Even/Odd 1 1000 0.1 5000
Red/Black 1 1000 0.1 5000
High/Low 1 1000 0.1 5000

Step 2: The Wheel Spins And…

Next, the wheel will be spun. This means that the live dealer has just announced “No more bets.” This phrase means that you are no longer allowed to try and make any types of bets. It’s forbidden to touch the wheel as well. This rule needs to be respected, otherwise, the round will be declared void and all bets will be refunded as a result. Players need to wait for the wheel to stop spinning before they can do anything else though. This brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Resolving Any Results

Now that the wheel has stopped spinning, the results will be visible as the ball will have landed in one of the pockets. At this point, the dealer will announce the results and tell who the winners are. Winnings bets are then awarded the corresponding amounts and the losing ones are folded and collected by the croupier towards the house’s balance.

Bet Payout Example (initial bet $10)
Straight up 35:1 10+35*10=360
Split 17:1 10+17*10=180
Street 11:1 10+11*10=120
Corner 8:1 10+8*10=90
Basket 6:1 10+6*10=70
Six Line 5:1 10+5*10=60
Column 2:1 10+2*10=30
Dozen 2:1 10+2*10=30
Even/Odd 1:1 10+1*10=20
Red/Black 1:1 10+1*10=20
High/Low 1:1 10+1*10=20

The payout is calculated by taking into consideration the payout for each particular bet type and the amount wagered on it. Just see what you have bet on each individual bet and what the payout is to calculate the final amount won.

1) What if result number is 8?
  • bet 100 on black wins, you get 100*1 + 100 = 200
  • 5 on corner (7,8,10,11) wins, you get 5*8 + 5 = 45
  • 25 on six line does not win
  • 5 on corner (23,24,26,27) does not win
In sum you win 245
2) What is result number is 10 ?
  • bet 100 on black wins, you get 100*1 + 100 = 200
  • 5 on corner (7,8,10,11) wins, you get 5*8 + 5 = 45
  • 25 on six line wins, you get 25*5 + 25 = 150
  • 5 on corner (23,24,26,27) does not win
In sum you win 395
3) What is result number is 27 ?
  • bet 100 on black does not win
  • 5 on corner (7,8,10,11) does not win
  • 5 on corner (7,8,10,11) does not win
  • 5 on corner (23,24,26,27) wins, you get 5*8 + 5=45
In sum you win 45
Example Bet

Step 4: Play Again or Quit

This was just a round of roulette. The game can be played over an indefinite number of rounds as long as there is interest. Each player decides how long they want to play, but it’s generally advised to take breaks and not play prolonged sessions as you may get fatigued and end up making rash decisions. Instead, just stick with the game for as long as it feels fun.

What Versions of Roulette Exist?

When it comes to versions of the game, there are at least three main types that you need to familiarize yourself with. Those are European, American and French roulette. They are basically the main types and the basis of any new version of the game that you can find anywhere.

  • European Roulette

    • House edge 2,7%
    • 37 numbers
    • One zero
    European Roulette
  • American Roulette

    • House edge 5.26%
    • 38 numbers
    • Additional double zero
    • Surrender rule may apply
    • 5 number bet ("Basket") available
    American Roulette
  • French Roulette

    • House edge 1.35%
    • 37 numbers, one zero
    • "La partage" and "En prison" avilable
    • French writing on the table
    French Roulette

Special Rules about Roulette

Roulette rules are fairly identical across the different iterations. However, there are three major rules that you may really want to consider. These rules have to do with mostly two types of the game, let’s check it out.

La Partage

If your version of Roulette has the La Partage rule, what this means is that you end up collecting half of your losing money back if you bet on Outside Bets. This is a great way to boost your overall winnings and minimize the house edge to a mere 1.35%!

En Prison

You are En Prison if you play French roulette and the ball lands on zero, and haven’t bet on the zero. In this case, the wheel is spun one more time to produce a new result. The bet is then resolved (even if it hits zero again and you lose your wager).


The surrender rule is applicable to the 0 in American Roulette. If you haven’t bet on 0 but get a different outcome on the wheel, you are refunded half of your bet.


Can you explain what the house edge is?

Yes, the house edge is the percentage that the casino expects to win on every INR100 that is a bet in the casino. So, a house edge of 2.70% means that the casino is expected to win INR2.70 for every INR100 wagered. It’s that simple.

Why is RTP important to roulette players?

The RTP will tell you how much you can expect to win. Essentially, a percentage of 97.30% tells you that you win INR97.30 for every INR100 you bet. This percentage can deviate and you could in theory win more – but also less.

How to calculate my roulette payout?

Just take a look at the amount(s) you have bet and the payout type for each bet. If you have bet INR100 on a 35:1 bet, then you end up winning 100x35 or INR3,500.

Why do people look for cold and hot numbers?

Cold and hot numbers are a bit of superstition but they basically tell you what numbers have appeared more often (hot) and what haven’t appeared at all or for a very long time (cold). Evidently, you cannot predict what number will come up next during your roulette gameplay.

What does an Even Bet mean?

It’s the type of bet that has a fixed payout of 1:1 which means that if you bet INR10 you win INR10 on top of your original stake.

If I bet on 0 and end up winning, how much money do I get?

The payout is 35:1. This means that you will win back 35 times your stake. Once again, if that is INR100, then you win INR3,500 back. You can calculate the payout with every type of bet this way.

What type of roulette is best?

Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced roulette player, the French version is the most profitable variation of roulette for players. The main reason for this is that the RTP of the French version is 98.65%. This advantage is achieved because special rules called La Partage and En Prison are applied here.

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