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Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming

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Auto Roulette Characteristics
Provider Evolution Gaming
House edge 2.7%
RTP 97.3%
Variation European
Table limits $0.5 - $10000
Release year 2017

If there is one excellent version of live roulette that can guarantee you a fast pace of play that is Auto Roulette. Created by Evolution, this game will successfully deliver on a range of experiences but most importantly - it will get you playing in a chic and private setting where anything is possible.

The game offers a quickened pace of play and you get to enjoy from a live studio without necessarily meeting a live dealer. To some players, this is the precise setting that elicits the best value out of the game. That is why Indian online casinos will make sure to feature this version and many others.

If you are new to Auto Roulette Evolution Gaming, we suggest that you kickback and let us walk you through all there is to know about the title. Before long, you will be the one placing the spins yourself. Players are very welcome to get started and here is how.

Auto Roulette Features

Are you ready to experience a live dealer roulette that isn’t really burdened by any of the usual etiquettes of live play? Great, you have come to the right place. Auto Roulette is designed to accommodate all players and tastes and that is a great thing. Players are welcome to have a blast by placing their wager on a single-zero roulette and benefiting from excellent gameplay.

But hold on, if there is no live dealer, how can this be a live roulette? It’s easy. The Auto Roulette wheel is streamed from a live studio in real-time. However, instead of having a dealer palaver and chat up the rest of the players, you only focus on the wheel which spins automatically once you have placed all your bets. Thanks to this automated process, you can often witness up to 80 games per hour, which is really quick for any live roulette dealer out there.

Players are welcome to play at a pace they feel comfortable with as the game puts no pressure on you how quickly to move. You can place your bet and enjoy a quick spin which is resolved immediately by an automated RNG mechanism in a live setting.

Table Limits

Bet Payout Minimum, $ Maxiumum, $
Straight up 35:1 0.5 500
Split 17:1 0.5 1000
Street 11:1 0.5 1500
Corner 8:1 0.5 2000
Six Line 5:1 0.5 3000
Column 2:1 0.5 6000
Dozen 2:1 0.5 6000
Even/Odd 1:1 0.5 10000
Red/Black 1:1 0.5 10000
High/Low 1:1 0.5 10000

Pros & Cons

Every game we play will have some strengths and weaknesses and that is perfectly fine. As long as they are displayed in a transparent manner, we are happy to cover both. Live Automatic Roulette doesn’t have many shortcomings if any. To be perfectly honest, we have struggled to find any drawbacks except for the one that is self-evident. See what we mean below.

  • Played without a live dealer
  • Can get a little lonely
  • A great live roulette game
  • One of the quickest live options
  • Often available as a VIP standalone game
  • Players have pretty flexible betting limits
  • The completion of individual round doesn’t take long
  • Offers a more focused experience because no other players present

Game Rules

If you are interested in getting started with Live Auto Roulette, you can rest assured that there is nothing difficult about it. Players are able to follow a few simple steps that will make the journey from A to Z a piece of cake. Here is how Auto Live Roulette really works.

  • Locate a casino that you know supports the game
  • Register and make your initial deposit to cover the minimum bet
  • Head for the table and take your seat
  • Place the type(s) of bet you wish to commit and wait for all other players to get settled
  • See what outcome the wheel will produce and collect your winnings if any

That is pretty much how the entire game works. It’s just as simple as any other version of the game. As an added bonus, you get to enjoy a nice VIP setting in which you may not high roll, but still, get to benefit from the quick pace of play and overall calmness of the gameplay.


For those of you who are keen on exploring a brilliant live version of roulette, we feel Auto Live really everything you could ever ask for. The game is quick, light to the touch and works perfectly on any mobile and handheld device. There is little to suggest that you can’t have a blast playing this game and speaking from experience, we enjoy the laser-focused environment in this one. If you are keen on exploring high-paying games with perfect visuals unburdened by a live dealer, that is your top pick.

Review author Chris Mwangi Chris Mwangi

Chris Mwangi is a head of copywriting department at Roulette77. He is a passionate roulette player, knows everything about betting systems, strategies, some secret techniques and all possible variations of this game. Сurrently lives in Malta and manages army of copywriters and translators, and brings gambling enlightenment through the world

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