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Hindi Lightning Roulette

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2018
Variation single zero
RTP 97.3%
Multipliers x50-500
Software Evolution Gaming
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with Hindi Lightning Roulette

Casino Days
Table limits ₹20 - 1 000 000

Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest and most prominent live dealer game developers, introduced Lightning Roulette in 2018 - a live casino game that has since become a fan favorite. This exciting variant of traditional roulette features a unique multiplier system that randomly selects one to five numbers, each with a multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x. You can play Lightning Roulette on desktop or mobile devices, and it is available at many online casinos. What’s more, it’s now available in Hindi too, with a native Hindi-speaking dealer too.

With its visually stunning design and glamorous studio setting, Lightning Roulette offers an immersive gaming experience. The game's high-quality graphics and user-friendly interface make it easy for players to navigate and place their bets. The unique Lightning features that set this game apart from the standard version add an extra layer of excitement and keep players on the edge of their seats. Overall, Lightning Roulette is a prime example of the innovative and engaging games that Evolution Gaming produces, and it's no wonder it has become so popular among players. With its Hindi adaptation, Evolution has now brought its award-winning live dealer title to other markets as well.

Lightning Roulette Features

Lightning Roulette is not your average roulette game, and that's all thanks to its unique multiplier system. Although it uses the standard European roulette wheel, the game randomly selects between one to five numbers and assigns them multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x in each round. If you place a Straight-up bet on one of these numbers and win, your payout gets multiplied by the corresponding multiplier.

This innovative gameplay mechanic that spices up the standard game keeps players on the edge of their seats with the potential for huge payouts and adds an element of excitement and anticipation to the game. Keep in mind, though, that the multipliers only apply to Straight-up bets and not do not apply to any other bets on the roulette table. As a result, the payout for Straight-up bets in Lightning Roulette is 29:1, which is lower than the standard European version's 35:1 payout. All the other bets have the same payouts as standard European roulette.

In addition to its unique multiplier system, Lightning Roulette has other features that make it stand out from the standard game. These features enhance the gameplay experience and add to the overall excitement of the game.

  • The RTP is 97.30%, the same as with the traditional European roulette. However, the value for straight-up bets is 97.13% due to the multiplier feature.
  • There’s a handy Save Bet option that allows players to save their preferred bets for future bets. It’s useful when executing a betting strategy, as it simplifies the process.
  • The autoplay function allows players to set up automatic wagers for up to 100 rounds. Besides same-value bets, users can adjust the autoplay function to execute specific strategies by increasing or decreasing the wager after a win or a loss.
  • There’s a live chat feature that allows players to chat with the dealer and other players that are currently sitting at the table.
  • The betting history displays the outcomes of the 500 previous hounds. It’s located in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Lightning Roulette by Evolution features a race track betting area, which allows players to place specific bets such as Orphelins, Tier, Voisins, and Zero.

The five multiplied numbers are called Lightning Numbers, and in order to benefit from this feature, players have to place straight bets and be lucky enough for the lightning to strike their number. The odds of hitting a jackpot aren’t very high, but the multipliers are quite big, which makes up for it. Other than that, the other customizable features are quite handy and can improve the player experience. This, with the implementation of a Hindi-speaking dealer, makes for a great option for Hindi roulette enthusiasts.

Bet Payout
Straight up 29:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Hindi Lightning Roulette Betting Limits

When it comes to the betting limits for Lightning Roulette, they usually vary depending on the online casino of choice. However, players can typically expect a minimum bet amount of around $0.20, while the maximum bet amount can range anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000 or currency equivalent, depending on the casino. Notable, the betting limits are slightly higher when compared to the standard variant of the game, which makes it a lucrative option for roulette jackpot hunters.

Advantages and Shortcomings of Lightning Roulette

Although this game is very similar to standard roulette, it comes with a few added features, which add some benefits to playing it, but a few disadvantages as well.

  • Multiple jackpots that can offer up to 500x the wager
  • Excellent added features
  • Intuitive and visually appealing design
  • A Hindi-speaking dealer
  • Widely available to players
  • The straight bet payout is smaller when compared to standard roulette
  • The maximum multiplier of 500x happens quite rarely
  • There’s a straight-up bet limit, which is usually $100 - thus limiting the maximum potential win with straight-up bets and multipliers
  • Some strategies that involve straight-up betting would have to be adjusted

Tips for Playing Lightning Roulette

  • The house edge remains the same

    Even though the multipliers make Lightning Roulette more entertaining, they don’t provide any mathematical advantage to players over the standard roulette. The game has the same RTP and house edge, and while the added multiplier feature might increase the payout when it hits, the game should still be approached like a standard European wheel roulette game.

  • Some strategies may have to be adjusted

    If you intend to use a betting strategy that relies heavily on straight-up bets, you might need to adjust it to the lower payouts. While the standard game pays out 36:1 for straight-up bets, the payout is 29:1 in Lightning Roulette, which makes it a worse option for executing such a strategy. Instead, focus on the unique features of this game and adjust your bets accordingly. Additionally, if your strategy doesn’t allow for adjustments, it’s better to choose another roulette game - such as the Live European Roulette by Evolution.

  • Use a strategy that covers multiple straight-up bets

    While Lightning Roulette's multipliers may offer the potential for big payouts, relying solely on them to gain an advantage over the game's mathematics is not a feasible strategy. To increase your odds of winning, it's recommended to apply multiple straight-up bet coverage and include additional outside bets in your bet group. This approach can improve your chances of catching a random multiplier and winning the game's main feature.


What’s Hindi Lightning Roulette’s RTP?

Lightning Roulette has the same RTP as the standard European roulette game of 97.30%. The RTP for straight-up bets, however, is lower when compared to the standard version and stands at 97.13%.

What makes this game different than standard roulette?

The main difference is the added multipliers to the Lightning Numbers. There are 5 randomly chosen multiplier numbers in each round called Lightning Numbers, and each one of them has a multiplier if hit, with the highest multiplier being 500x the wager.

How do the Lightning Roulette multipliers work?

The multipliers are randomly applied to straight-up bets and are determined by the lightning strike that hits randomly each round. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x, and if the player has a straight-up bet placed on one of those numbers, the payout will be multiplied according to the multiplier for that number.

Is there a winning strategy to use for this game?

Although no strategy guarantees winning in any roulette game, it’s best to cover as many straight-up bets and add outside bets to increase the chances of randomly catching a multiplier.

Where can I play Hindi Lightning Roulette?

Being one of the most popular live dealer games, there are many online casinos that include it in their portfolios. We suggest picking a reputable, licensed, and trustworthy casino site. Some of our suggestions include Trada Casino, 888, and Platin Casino - which all include this game in their libraries.

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