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X1000 Quantum Roulette

Last updated: 07.07.2023 by Andrew Shepard
Release year 2022
Variation double zero
RTP 94.74%
Multipliers x50-1 000
Software Playtech
Table limits Depends on casino

Best casino with X1000 Quantum Roulette

National Casino
Table limits ₹20 - 200 000

Evolution Gaming's popularity with Lightning Roulette has encouraged other studios to develop similar rival games. The alternative created by Playtech was Quantum Roulette, released in 2019. It was a game where the max multiplier was 500x and it had pretty much the same gameplay as Lightning Roulette. This has become one of Playtech's most popular games, so an updated & enhanced version was released in January 2022: X1000 Quantum Roulette.

This time the maximum multiplier is 1,000x and the rules of American roulette are used, not European. The studio design hasn't changed much: it's still an automated game powered by a host, so you only see the roulette wheel and the host on the screen. The background, on the other hand, can display different effects at different stages of the game, including multiplier numbers and a list of winners. The studio is designed to look like an electronic circuit, meaning it fits with the theme of the game. Like other Playtech live roulette games, you can play X1000 Quantum Roulette comfortably on mobile, but some gameplay features (such as autoplay) are only accessible on desktop devices.

Features of X1000 Quantum Roulette by Playtech

The live version of American roulette is not that common compared to the European variant, so you might like to know that X1000 Quantum Roulette is built on American rules. There are 38 numbers and two different 0 pockets (0 – 00) on the wheel. Standard betting options, along with the basket bet, which is only available in this variant, are the outcomes where you can try your luck. There is also a racetrack section: you can access it from the lower left corner of the interface. The game has two different RTPs: 97.30% for straight bets and 94.74% for all other bets.

The fact that straight bets offer the same RTP as the European variant is due to multipliers and a reduced straight bet payout. In this context, straight bets pay 29:1 instead of 35:1 in X1000 Quantum Roulette. The payouts of all other bets are the same as standard American roulette, so, for example, a basket bet pays 6:1.

So, why is the game called X1000 Quantum Roulette and how can you win multipliers?

  • You can only win a multiplier payout with straight bets.
  • Just after bets are settled and the wheel begins to spin, up to five random numbers are chosen. Each of these numbers gets a random multiplier (between 50x and 1,000x).
  • On very rare occasions, it is possible to trigger a bonus that increases the assigned multiplier value by another 50x or doubles/triples the related figure.
  • In any case, if the number you placed a bet on is selected as one of the “lucky numbers” and you win the bet, your payout will be multiplied by the assigned multiplier value.
  • For example, let's say you bet on "black 6", that number is chosen, and gets a multiplier of 250x. If you win this bet, the payout will be multiplied by 250.

The good part is that Playtech lets you see the probability of each multiplier happening. According to the game's paytable, the probabilities for multiplier values to be assigned to a certain number are:

  • 50x – 30,19%
  • 100x – 30,32%
  • 150x – 15,23%
  • 200x – 10,23%
  • 250x – 3,55%
  • 300x – 4,30%
  • 400x – 2,78%
  • 500x – 1,92%
  • 1,000x – 1,48%
  • 50x boost – 12%
  • Double/triple boost – 1,80%

As usual, you can also take advantage of gameplay features, such as saving and placing your favorite bets with the “Bet Creator” feature, joining new games automatically (via “autoplay”), and checking the results of the last 500 spins (via “statistics”).

Bet Payout
Straight up 29:1
Split 17:1
Street 11:1
Corner 8:1
Six Line 5:1
Column 2:1
Dozen 2:1
Even/Odd 1:1
Red/Black 1:1
High/Low 1:1

Betting Limits

While testing the game at different online casinos, the most common betting range we saw was 0,20 – 5,000. However, this was not only the range we saw: some casinos have lower, and some have higher limits too. The best thing you can do is to check the actual min/max limits before joining a game.

Pros & Cons of the Game

  • An RTP higher than the standard value of American roulette for straight bets
  • Chance to win up to 1,000x the stake
  • The live version of American roulette - a rare option
  • Probability table for multipliers
  • Lower payout value for straight bets
  • Only straight bets can trigger multipliers

X1000 Quantum Roulette Tips

  • Try to place as many straight bets as possible

    Only selected and winning straight bets can get multiplier payouts, so your goal should be to cover as much of the table as possible with this type of bet. As a simple tactic, place a chip on all red or black numbers: this way, you can place 18 different straight bets. Of course, be careful to use the minimum bet value so that you don't run out of budget quickly.

  • You can use modification progressive strategies

    Strategies like Martingale, d'Alembert, and Labouchere require you to increase your stake (usually after losing) according to certain rules. The idea is to ensure that once the win happens, the payout is big enough to cover all your losses and leave a profit. Usually, progressive strategies are applied to even money bets, but in the case of x1000 Quantum Roulette, such strategies are better applied to straight-up bets because multipliers only work for them. But keep in mind that such a strategy will require an above-average bankroll. Based on our experience, we can say that for every 500 spins, 35-40 multipliers are paid, which means that you can win a multiplier every 13 – 15 spins. In other words, make sure your budget fits such a frequency.

  • Stay away from some bets if you are not focusing on the multipliers

    If your goal is not to try your luck to win multipliers with straight bets and you plan to play the game like classic American roulette, focus on outside bets. They will offer the highest chance of winning. Stay away from inside bets and especially the basket bet. Traditionally, the basket bet is considered the worst option in all roulette variants, due to its high house edge.


What is the difference between Quantum Roulette and x1000 Quantum Roulette?

The difference between the two games is the variant used and the maximum multiplier limit. Quantum Roulette is a European variant that pays a maximum of 500x. X1000 Quantum Roulette pays a maximum of 1,000x and is based on the American variant.

What is the RTP of x1000 Quantum Roulette?

X1000 Quantum Roulette has two different RTP rates due to multiplier payouts and reduced straight bet payout: 97.30% for straight bets and 94.74% for other bets. In other words, when it comes to straight bets, it is no different from European roulette.

Is x1000 Quantum Roulette rigged?

No, X1000 Quantum Roulette is not rigged in any way. Playtech, the creator of the game, is one of the oldest and most respected studios in the industry. It is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority. All its games are built on tested & verified RNG.

How to hit the multiplier?

To hit the multiplier, you need to place a straight bet and hope that it will be chosen as one of the lucky numbers. If that happens, you need to win that bet – only then you will be qualified for a multiplier (between 50x and 1,000x).

What is the best strategy for x1000 Quantum Roulette?

The best strategy for X1000 Quantum Roulette is to cover the table as much as possible with straight bets. For example, you can place 18 chips on all red numbers: they will count as 18 separate straight bets. This is the only way to qualify for multiplier payouts.

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